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Eye2eye Britain: Press Comment

"A hugely impressive reference work ... It's the ideal tool for the idle motorist: plan your leisure trip before you set off and you'll already have a good idea of what you're going to see. ... proving this package to be not only practical but also beautiful." - Personal Computer World

"Ever had an urge to explore the entire coastline of mainland Britain? Put away that sou'wester and boot up your PC instead. For a round trip from John O'Groats to John O'Groats it's not rainwear you need, but software. ... a true portrait of the land at the end of the second millennium. ... Virtual tourism clearly has its advantages." - Guardian Travel

"this is a masterpiece for any lover of Britain" - V3 on-line magazine

"This CD ROM, with over 11,000 beautiful photographs, ... is worth buying for the pictures alone. However, itís not just the pictures, but what's been done with them that makes this CD ROM truly special. ... With the option of picking any period ... or exploring a specific category, ... Eye2eye becomes a resource for research purposes as well as a travel guide. From battle sites, to movie locations, from university towns, to Beautiful Britain, the information is endless. Whether you have difficulty in travelling, are wondering where to go this weekend, or to boost your score in Trivial Pursuit - whatever the reason you want to explore Britain, Eye2eye Britain is virtually all you need." - The Spark

"amazing achievement" - AOL Local Life

"this is a fascinating program" - PC Home

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