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Eye2eye Britain is ideal for teaching many parts of the English, Scottish and Welsh National Curricula. Eye2eye Britain contributes to the curriculum for several subjects, including IT, English (Reading), Citizenship, Art and even examples for Mathematics and Science. The greatest curriculum match is with those for Geography and History - at both Primary and Secondary. As they move up through the Key Stages, children develop their use of Eye2eye Britain from simple observations about places and chronology to autonomous search and research.

See our Project Ideas page for a selection of free example lesson plans for several study units in both the primary and secondary English National Curricula.

Both school packs come with two sets of teaching notes. One sheet outlines examples using Eye2eye Britain for new or updated projects in a format equally relevant to English, Scottish and Welsh Curricula. Another sheet gives examples of the excellent match with English National Curriculum study units. Although this sheet refers to sections in the curriculum for England, many comments apply to the Scottish equivalent - and the coverage of mainland Scotland is every bit as comprehensive as of England and Wales.

Other Subjects
Ages 5-16+

  Highlights of an Excellent Curriculum Match
  • Geography - Knowledge and understanding of (British) places
    It’s hard to imagine a more effective and instant way of learning about these than exploring with Eye2eye Britain. This applies to all key stages (with more autonomous use at higher ages).
  • Geography - 'Thematic Study'
    Eye2eye Britain is ideal for many of the Thematic Studies listed in the Geography Curriculum, including (KS2) Rivers, Island Life (Coll), Coast, Mountains, Settlement and Environmental Change and (KS3) Geomorphological processes, Coast, Mountains, Settlement, Economic activities, Development and Environmental issues.
  • History - British ‘Studies’
    Eye2eye Britain is a ‘must have’ tool for tackling any of the British Studies - at all the key stages. Simply drag its Timeline to select an era such as the Romans, Anglo-Saxons or Victorians, and explore most of the main sites left from that period. Search within such a found set for any topic, eg railways, industrial revolution, etc. See Project Ideas for some examples.

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