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What marks out Eye2eye Britain Panoramic as a resource for your school is the sheer scale and quality of its content, brought to life by innovative specially programmed software. Its comprehensive coverage of the whole of mainland Britain - every town, the whole coast, all periods, all sides of life - means whatever project you’re doing, there’s something relevant in Eye2eye Britain - and it’s easy to find.

For busy teachers, this has important benefits. Not only does Eye2eye Britain provide material for many new lessons (see free lesson plans below), but you can also use it to add colour (and IT experience) to your existing, tried and tested study plans. Update existing lessons without starting from scratch - saving all the preparation time that involves.

If you have a whiteboard - preferably interactive - use Eye2eye Britain as a spectacular teacher-driven resource, transporting your class anywhere in Britain at the tap of a pointer to illustrate any topic. Fill your whiteboard with a 360° panorama for any curriculum topic, then turn it round and point our important features. Now you can also do this within your PowerPoints, using Eye2eye Britain as a source of moving panoramas to copy into your PowerPoints complete with caption and controls. This is a unique opportunity to engage the interest of pupils - especially the 65% of visual learners - in many Geography and History topics.

Ask pupils to find views and moving panoramas matching any essay, notes or news-sheet they’re working on, and copy them in as illustrations (requires either of the school packs). Do the same yourself for your notes and presentations. Find a few key facts and views yourself, then give pupils clues to find them themselves - a sort of information treasure hunt. Such exercises reinforce learning with fun, the satisfaction of self-discovery, and images to remember. The higher the Key Stage, the more autonomously pupils can search and research.


Example Project Ideas

See the bottom of this page for a selection of free lesson plans you can download and print out.
Both school packs are supplied with a sheet of project suggestions. The following are examples (click on any photo to expand it):


  • Roman Britain (History)
    Scroll Eye2eye Britain’s Timeline to 55BC - 410AD to view our Roman legacy. Any era can be selected this way. Here we see 2 of 96 photos and 30 panoramas.
Hadrian's Wall - click to expand Lunt Roman Fort - click to expand
Stephenson's Locomotion - click to expand North Norfolk Railway - click to expand Channel Tunnel - click to expand


  • Development of the Train (History/Geography)
    Choose the Old Transport Tour subject, then refine this set by a caption search for ‘train’ OR ‘rail’. Photos chart the development of trains from horse-drawn coal wagons to the Channel Tunnel. Here we see 3 of 140 photos and 29 panoramas.


  • Big Industry (Geography)
    Choose the Big Industry Tour for an insight into the locations of Britain’s biggest industries, and communities developed around them. Here we see 2 (oil refinery and car plant) of 339 photos and 83 panoramas.
Killingholme, Lincolnshire - click to expand Ford at Dagenham - click to expand
Sennen, Cornwall - click to expand Kilchoan, Scotland - click to expand


  • Britain’s Coast (Geography)
    Choose the Coast Tour to see mainland Britain’s entire coast - hence learn about its layout, landscape, erosion and use. An automatic round-coast trip takes about 8 hours (can be restarted at any point). Here we see 2 of 2,004 photos and 504 panoramas.


  • Shakespeare (English Literature)
    Search the captions for ‘Shakespeare’ to view many locations where he lived and worked - and help pupils take an interest in his work. He is one of many authors, poets and painters with this coverage. Here we see 2 of 31 photos and 7 panoramas you find with this search.
Shakespeare's Birthplace - click to expand Globe Theatre - click to expand
FREE Lesson Plans To Download And Print Out

The following is a small selection of lesson plans using Eye2eye Britain for various Primary and Secondary curriculum units. Click their titles to download them (Word documents), print them out and make use of them in class with Eye2eye Britain. If you have a VLE, you can copy any of these lesson plans into your VLE for future reference at school or home.

These are just a handful of examples. Please make your own for other projects - for example, Scottish curriculum units if you teach in Scotland.

If you have lesson plans using Eye2eye Britain you would like to share with other teachers, please email them to us so we can add them to the list, giving your name and school so we can credit you. If you have any comments for improving the lesson plans we list here, please email comments to us too.

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